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onelightsystem OLS 

OLS iee.aeo developed olsme platform 0n 9/2018 , beta version 1180.olsme ready to use register - verify to subscribe to use 

OLSME subscriber will be able to use OLSM Energy

OLSME platform powered by  OLS-centralized  Asset 

(proof of Light.time/acumulation) Personalized OLS Blockchain running on OLSystemMeditation routine engine OneLightSM , OLSME subscriber connecting in an spesific time frame with OLSM routined meditation into growing attuning self-developing discipline memory with relaxing period to be able to rest it and to reach what it desiring during much more.   

onelightsystem OLS Meditation academy 

OLS iee.aeo invented OLSME  for development unifying humanity 

OLSME  subscriber could to accumulate autonomous inner energy equilibrium 

IEF(inner energy formation) by synchronizing with OLSMeditation -- OLSME  subscriber will be able to expand more deeper, connect more stronger each session time

how to become OLSME subscriber usage 

who can apply

(signup fees based on assessment data: payment packages starts with 1LYear see service  and after possible for 30 days renewal fees chart 2020  )

OLSME Subscription 2022 Service fees for USA  update

Become using OLSME 

olsme.time.frame powered for 5 minutes period every OLSM hour days periods routine.

OLSME benefits proof of inner asset formation

onelightsystem OLS 

OLS.iense (analytics) <> OLSM(driver)>OLSME(passenger)

OLSME user sessions usage data compliance

 when to use it , what to use it, how to use it:

OLSME user subscriber registration fees assessment evaluation process

OLSME user collects OLSME's it can be redeemed:

Active to passive, deactivation requests, past initiated, cancelation to deletion

OLSME user can deactivate anytime by submitting deactivation request valid 30 days

cancelation to deletion

OLSME user can cancel account any time (if OLSME users collects amount of OLSME's on account it will be remains for 30 days in case re-activation or request to hold 1 year up with service fee's 10% from monthly payment)

refund not availible, the left over can be credited into OLS services only (OLS students fees, OLSLM assets)

1180.OLS iee.aeo 

Nazar Asvitlo