775. OLS iee.

[debunking "sunglasses myth"]

06/08 vs (169) 2/82

775. OLS iee. iense

draft 2/82/169 vs 06/08/2018

[debunking english "sunglasses myth"]

Developing Physical Body for maintaining OLS practice

when healthy individual wearing sunglass it will effect a proper evolution.

A "proper evolution" requiring receiving daily direct Light to and inside to our body.

wearing Sunglasses even without direct look into the Star (diminish or/and weakening healthy body to sustain during the day)

[Debunking English program]

  • 733 debunking programed time

  • 775. debunking english words

(recommendations to the California Department of Education for Updating English language for American Communication)

submitted on 9/6/2019 proposition 2019

Research and conclusion (draft)

words , work vs wor. (when we say what we say memory to say)
week vs weak hello vs hellwhole vs hole
eat vs meat feed need heat (approved when you eat you generating heat)
bed vs bad (bedroom)
dad vs dead
sun vs star
turn on the lamp "artificial light" vs star light ...

OLS iense

Nazar Asvitlo