542. OLS.Roadmap

OLS* RoadMap(Draft03 4Eq4-HLi1)

OLS* founder , iense , aunselo , teacher, instructor, student, promoter, developer

OLS* Roadmap foundation to 542 Light Days at current standings announcements to the 1000 seeing OLS Light days (LD)

open view - OLS* source Public Available Data (PAD) /guest viewing mode available for free* (get to know about OLS* see our terms and conditions on private intellectual property technologies data testimonies rights conditions.

- developing planning reports every 4 Quarters:

369.OLS. EQual 1Light (03.21.2018)

- High 2Light aka Solstice (06.19.2018)

- 507 3EQ 3L equinox (09.25.2018)

538LD 10.16draft02 OLS* roadmap found.


604OLS. 1Ly. Q7 New Light begins 12.27.2018