1342 OLSLM assets availability update

1342.OLS Founder CEO OLS iee.aeo Nazar today onelightsystem 1342.OLS I make available to the public my OLS9LM executive assets only 12.6%www.olsme.com/register I am Nazar Asvitlo meditation teacher at @onelightsystem OLS mediation academy Founder Developer CEO
I am 10.31 Light days old and holding world record Receiving direct 14851 Light minutes since 1342 days I did developed a light body assets over 3 years and 9 month and can offer to the public my OLS9LM assets
every 9 , 18 or so days I do updating my offerings based on OLS data center and the global overall conditions all data is transparent onelightsystem. 1342 OLSLM data center

1342.OLSLM 19358.3

1328.OLSLM 19265.881319.OLSLM 19192.681311.OLSLM 19102.381295.OLSLM 19004.381288.OLSLM 18967.76

Available assets

10.364% a.2006.4685

1328.OLSLM %11.060 a. 2130.897

1319.OLSLM %11.750 a. 2255.2876

1311.OLSLM %12.382 a. 2365.2829

1295.OLSLM %13.086 a. 2486.9829

1288.OLSLM Available 2481.59187

Obtain OLSLM assets olsme.com/olslmregister