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I am an OLS Meditation master teacher nazara.svitlo I am 9.2 Light Days old.

Since 04.2017 I did Invented and established an one light system OLS that allows me to meditate everyday and accumulating Light energy as a living source ... through continues developings process in 2018 I did founded onelightsystem OLS LLC meditation teachings services to the Public already served 100s of students locally and internationally
onelightsystem OLS is a meditation teachings receiving(saving) direct and seeing OLSM light energy modality founded / invented 4.2017 --- OLS is a teaching how to receive direct Light (aka sungaizing) --- How to manage and continue receiving direct and/or seeing the light OLSMeditation system.-- Collective Meditation System OLSM--- Personal illumination meditation system OLS LM11.2017applied for world record 200 days receiving everyday direct with 9779 Light minutes all statistics data publicly available Live.
Begin You Preparation get the OLS intro and You will be able to learn how to properly meditate !!! (from beginner to the graduate OLS aste Meditation master)
2018- OLS database center upgrades to serve and deliver more efficient informationsee more at olsm/ols-updatesour most important policy - safety first that's why I'm taking my responsibility carefully for every OLS student in OneLightSystem OLS®©- OLS iee.aeo (scientific research and public recommendations)- (new) OLSME platform (pre.rsrv. more public opportunities to experience and accumulate Life Energy.
2019OLS LM now available to the investors and for the general public to obtain OLS LM equity value
Nazar Pankiv officially on (linkedin - crunchbase - facebook)founder | CEO CTO | inventor | developer

650-732-1517 Belmont CA

onelightsystem OLS Meditation aste eae (master teacher) nazarasvitlo