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I am an OLS Meditation master teacher Nazarasvitlo I am 10.03 Light Days old.

Since 04/2017 I did Invented and established onelightsystem OLS that allows me to meditate everyday and accumulating Light energy as a living source.

... through continues developings process in 2018 I did founded onelightsystem OLS LLC meditation academy teachings services to the Public. the 1st Light Year it was a free coast to begin through served more than 70 students locally and internationally

onelightsystem OLS is a meditation teachings receiving(saving) direct and seeing OLSM light energy modality.

to OLS student

  • onelightsytem OLS is a teachings how to receive/accumulate "properly" direct Light ("aka sungaizing")

  • How to manage and continue being in Light OLSMeditation system.

  • Developed Collective Meditation System onelightsystem meditation practice OLSM (OLS initi)

  • Personal illumination meditation system OLSLM (OLS aste Graduation Master )

11/2017 applied for world record 200 days receiving everyday direct Light with 9779 Light minutes all statistics data publicly available OLS data center.

Begin You Preparation everyday is an opportunity to get some Light and build up the Light body ! Currently it is the process for assesment enrollment tuition fees to become the OLS student. Recieve your asseement official @mail from intro@ols-med.net take care 50% fees and we will sheddule the next availible OLS intro.


  • OLS database center upgrades to serve and deliver more efficient information (every 9 days updates)

our most important policy - safety first that's why I'm taking my responsibility carefully for every OLS student in OneLightSystem OLS®©

  • OLS iee.aeo ( research analytics scientific solutions and public counseling recommendations)

  • OLSME platform ( a "pessenger" rest and relax mode , Light frequencies synchroniztion based on the OLSM Driver and a 1261 System Medition)

  • OLS iense Developed a proper Calendar OLS Calendar and a proper time


OLSLM distribution ico1 now available to the the general public to obtain OLSLM assets equity www.olsme.com/register


publication activities, public local relations , goverment state and federal counsaltings


when achived 15000 Light minutes was granted a new name title Asvitloaten

Nazar performing Live streams series presentations


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onelightsystem OLS Meditation aste eae (master teacher) nazarasvitlo

650-732-1517 Mount Shasta CA USA

Nazar Pankiv (Nazarasvitlo Mediation Teacher) was born on 14/10/1984 to the city Ternopil in Ukraine.

Where attended and graduated from high school N 15 (most interest was in sport (swimming special school, soccer and chess)

attended Ternopil Academy of the National Economy TNEU 2001-05.

in 2004-05 was attending an "Orange revolution" in Kiyv a social resistance movement.

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In 05/2005 arrived to the Chicago USA to travel and work. while Living in the Chicago Ukrainian village community did studying english as an second language in Truman College and as well driving professionally as a public chauffeur in yellow cab.

in 2012 Nazar became healing modality specialist and in 12/22 visited Mount shasta California where decide to move for spiritual exploration to find our the truth. in 03/2013 offering healing sessions*(2) in Chicago IL Nazar established online healing portal also known as nazar-kosmo.com as been initiated by spiritual colleagues for constant spiritual devotions. 08/07 Nazar was a speaker at TheTRUTH radio show *(7)

in 2014 Nazar lunched and stands to protect and restore Environmental issues in the state of California. 05/28/2015 attended Mount shasta city council meeting and made the comment* (6)

2016 Nazar moved to the Sacramento capital where he was attending in person numerous meetings and special events.

  • 02/09 attended Sacramento city council meeting and made it a comment on item is not on the agenda* (3)

  • 05/17 attended California Energy Commission with the public comment*(5)

  • 07/13 attended California Water Quality Estuary Monitoring Workgroup Meeting and made recommendation* (4)

04/2017 Nazar present it the meditation classes 1 and 2 series in the Foster city library* (8)

  • after he established and founded (open source publicly available) onelightsystem OLS LLC* (9) meditation academy and was initiated for next name nazarasvitlo. Currently today 10/05/2020 is 1260 day since the establishment of the onelightsystem OLS meditation.

  • Just after 200 days Nazar received 9770 Light minutes where he claimed to the world records (11)

2018 Nazar becoming using well know application seeclickfix.com (10) to submit and report local issues directly to the gov. officials. Since 2016 Nazar was already participating in Watching Water issues and acting on it (submitting recommendations and each violation to the EPA wile dry season and beyond to save Environment). Through the experience he realized than understaning and grasping the reality better by doing daily meditaion and focused to offer recomendations to the board of Education 12

2019 Nazar hired web developers to maintain growing community at olsme.com owned and operated by onelightsystem OLS Nazar Pankiv founder CEO meditation master teacher nazarasvitlo



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