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ongoing development priorities.

OLS amba

international planetarian light stability

Ukrainian Crisis Russian Represion Agressive tension

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OLS aunselo (counseling, implementive solutions local/abroad government)

  • CA state (educational, environmental reforms:
  • County Secretary of State Advisory group

OLS iense ( scientific research on Light and Aqua) Qualify/Apply for OLS student OLS INTRO

Main Accomplishments:

OLS amba


  • American continent (assisting USA) continental level.(implementations to the DACA


Ukraine Crisis Finding Solutions

OLS iee.aeo (iense.aunselo)

  • OLSLM (portfolios, assets holdings %) public& private

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OLSME 1st version available 558

OLS Inves. 21,1% from all OLS LM supply

OLS inves. TERMS: 9, 126, 360 , 720, 1440, 2880 (8)

OLS iense & aunselo (iee.aeo) managing OLS inves activities


ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS founder , (Developer administration)

OLS iense & aunselo (iee.aeo) managing OLS inves activities

Series A to get into 21.3 %

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ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS acquired/created an analytics/research and legal branch OLS iense & aunselo (iee.aeo)


OLS Inves. 21,1% from all OLS LM supply

  • tiers Inquiries OLS inves INITI orders 1,10,30,60,90% (Light shields signals equity portfolio implemented formation representation (on OLSystem knows how the energy builds and accumulate over the periods of times)
  • TERMS (updated 559)

OLS iee.aeo (private equity asset management and representations)


  • OLS aunselo® (next public meeting )
  • OLS iense® (light and aqua scientific research) (About)
  • OLS amba® (continental counseling)
  • OLS aste® (lait / aqua)
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