558. OLS web.IT.developer admin announcement: OLSME on series Seed)


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Announcement 558:

olsme. (announcement)


olme application plannings to be an open-source (public and private) assets user each human portfolio's verifications real-time(ratio's+/-) updates platform (under development) seeking/offering Series Seed as investors in OLS iee.aeo (OLS inves.) or rsrv. for OLS LM for ipo's, OLSME real natural data accumulation assets program allows user to develop an automatic Ai amount of energy over the time to synchronize the OLSME Ai.

see crunchbase presentation announcements

on the go OLS iee.aeo (analytics and scientific research providing architecture raw structured and web-user design for OLS database sets properties https://www.ols-med.net

OLSME open-source private assets user portfolio's human verifications in real-time updates platform (under development) IT dep. at OLS iee.aeo

  • the more user/verified/more.verified stay updated and current the more AI verifying activity (and Generate accurate data) the standings ratio's.
  • (next generation OLS IEF asset management platform )
  • social net. user verified verification assets exchange/daily accumulation activities value platform (under development)
  • ios application (seeking developings): to deploy on the ios. platform tech.application, currently only semi-auto standard OLS program deployed and generating/provable 558 days Light data) IT. department at OLS iee.aeo (Light science analytics)
`//natural intelligence system accumulation assets program developed by OLS iee.aeo//`

already is developed at OLS web.IT.development admin.

OLS Lighchain newest upgrades on (piaep) personal inner-asset-equity-platform on OLSME)

more OLSMeditations synchronizationically data analysis

OLSME (a user interactive real-time capturing OLSM energy (teachings through and after verification) and processing over the OLSystem data)

ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS OLS iee.aeo (iense & aunselo)founder, OLS developer Nazar Pankiv
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