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OLS (iee.aeo) iense &aunselo Announced 554 establishing as a private-analytics/research & consulting sub-company for onelightsystem OLS
OLS* (iee.aeo) iense & aunselo  providing supportive service's (analytics -  research -  solutions) for the communities and ruling bodies.
OLS iee. iense. is focusing through processes Light assets within OLSLM with IEF with current synchronization with planetarian vibrations
responded analytical analysis to identify a research process prepare to OLS aeo. for implementation:
  • Local environmental scientific research on (aqua, sound, light) eco-scientific reports
  • inquiries from State ruling responsible departments
  • structured OLS data center analytical data analysis
  • Developing your IEF inner equity formation (OLS student) Light science. OLSLM (personal illumination)
  • Light research department labs. (opening soon)
  • Communication Improvements group (revision provided in progress 10.2018)
  • Architecture and design to re-design Living Places
  • Farming and Agriculture (opening soon)

onelightsyetm OLS aeo aunselo
  • implementing OLS iense solutives recommendations
  • counseling/advisings state governmental responsible bodies and their representatives
  • providing OLSME trainings for corporations
  • Verifying-test data into validation with @OLS data center.
  • OLS iense concluded report (Light Science) on/through receiving direct Light practice (active meditations)
  • developed initiated OLS* teachings through data application system
  • to process and accumulate inner equity IEF.
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OLS iee.aeo managing onelightsystem OLS user's data base Personal Illumination Portfolio

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upgrade: 1 Light year cycle 6Q by OLS iense.

Presenting architecture and design OLS Campu.Service towers draft001

OLS iense (Light science architecture campuses)

OLS* iense (executive4 architecture, nazara.svitlo)

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