OLSLM assets

OLS.1759 Available 2.84%

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onelightsystem OLS

1759.1639.1364.1295.1259.1153.962.934.906.786.OLS iee.aeoOLSLM A. (Available assets)

onelightsystem OLS Light Minute

is an official trade mark and individual equity value distribution processed and recognize only on OLS platform


Limited total supply

1.new OLSLM asset user can have free account when obtaining (making at least 1 transaction any categories+ ) OLSLM assets during 30 days period.

2.new user just OLS promoter running on manual service info@ols-med.net until development completed when user registering through OLSLM assets needs to comunicate with info@ols-med.net




availible OLSLM assets








Entrepreneur Advantage Pioneer

INNER VALUE wallet ""light body"

Block chain transparent security

OLSLM categories assets ownership Transfer

962.OLS iee.aeo OLSLM categories

  • OLS data analysis trend reports

  • OLSLM assets a. available pool (inner market)

  • OLS1-9LM categories options packages:

  • OLSLM levels transfers:

<1 OLSLM or up to 1000$

  • ownership value trade certificate

<10 OLSLM assets transfer process

  • reserve the amount value , review agreements , recieve personal voucher preparation

<100 OLSLM assets transfer process

  • personal support, owner manual usage*

ability to gain extra energy

Overall Receiver Benefits

value assets and Light body filled formation


OLSLM assets withdrawals and deposits

  • new OLSLM asset user can have free account when obtaining (making 1 transaction any categories + ) OLSLM assets during 30 days period

  • * to trade to outside of the OLS market place the owner of the assets sends request to withdrawal / deposit and will receive the "current" value of the OLSLM : categories , time (periods) certificate valid transfer

  • ** OLSLM Energy assets how to use* it when min. amount 366 obtained .

  • *** annual 10% usage recalibartion if not an OLS student , 5% usage recalibartion when remain olsme user.

1759.OLS iee.aeo | CEO

Nazar Pankiv