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OLS student (Enrollment process)

onelightsystem OLS

1700.OLS iee.aeo

OLS Meditation Academy

from OLS student

to graduate master OLS aste

  • new prospective student

  • and/or past re-intalment evaluation

  • OLS INTRO ®© available exclusively ONLY from:

OLS inuo , OLS in.ini, OLS eae


2. Prospect will receive OLS service assessed value

3. OLS intro payment

4. Scheduling OLS intro

5. OLS initi payment

6. Scheduling OLS initi

  • a 9 day (non-paid assessed OLS service fee 50/50 and non-response period) notice after assessment provided, a total service value will increase 10% for re-assessment process

onelightsystem OLS ceo | cto Guarantees not to share the personal prospect information to any 3rd parties agencies (OLS data privacy protection)

OLS APPLICATION process for assessment to receive OLS INTRO. & OLS INITI.

submit OLS application, pass OLS Intro and Initi

OLSM(collective) Meditation teachings ®© developed and founded by Nazar Pankiv official/legal name (OLS official/next name) Nazar Asvitlo nazarasvitlo

OLS iee.aeo

OLS eae teacher

OLS student

OLS intro & initi's service fees

Assessment Service fees, OLS intro & initi payments, Passive fees, Past initiated re-installment

OLS student Assessment Service is free in 2019

  • how Assessment is calculating (age, location (gdp), experiences)

  • each new re - assessment 10% value increased (when applied received assessment value and didn't proceed to the payment during 9 days period)

OLS intro & initi payments

  • After Assessment for full service ready, next requires to provide not refundable 50% payment to schedule OLS intro

  • After OLS intro is done, next requires to provide not refundable 50% payment to schedule OLS initi

Passive fees:

  • OLS student becoming passive after 9 day no activity* (entering OLSLM, OLSM) unless student reached category II**

  • when OLS student becoming passive it has 30 days to re-active

  • passive fees calculating based on OLS data center by dedicated OLS eae (teacher's) or OLS inuo's or OLS in.ini's total OLSM's x 1 local currency

Past-Initiated fees:

  • after 30 days passive student becoming Past Initiated

  • Past-initiated requires OLS intro & initi

OLS student

OLS student has personal dedicated support

by your selected OLS inuo or OLS in.ini or OLS eae

OLS student will be able to watch LIVE OLSLM meditation video exclusively

OLS student support fees

and procedure determining by your selected OLS inuo or OLS in.ini or OLS eae

OLS student support service fees by OLS aste eae Asvitloaten is:

  • when OLS student is only 1 OLS student in the located area the requested support is Free (each support goes to the student ols data center log)

  • when OLS student requesting student support from the location where another OLS aste eae's student located the supportive service is Free but who receives first is by OLS data center standings

  • when OLS student requesting student support from the location where more than 5 aste eae OLS students located than measurement on location population and standings from OLS data center

onelightsystem OLS no-disclosure agreement

OLS Data policy sharing :

the OLS student can share visual practice [Not teachings data] picture can have the visual practice but prohibits Teachings description if unless happens the user can be banned, (penalty degree equals OLS intro value + calculations will be made by OLS iee.aeo and/or removed from the OLS and/or with private privacy )

copyright symbol© and dated copyright notice to inform that onelightsystem OLS meditation is copyrighted, onelightsystem OLS (LLC) owns that copyright, under those terms is the present copy being made available.

OLS student prohibits sharing OLS data teachings®© (as a form of description, voice memos, video's or verbally to anyone and anywhere (means talking, discussing about it, sharing on personal blog, social media etc. Until becomes OLS inuo. (OLS in.ini) and ONLY when will receive the official request for OLS Intro for a new prospective student.

OLS student can refer OLS inuo , OLS in.ini , OLS eae and later when OLS student becomes OLS inuo the referral who was referred earlier and became the OLS student can switch to the OLS inuo.

OLS student can change OLS inuo , OLS in.ini ,OLS eae during being OLS active student by submitting OLS intro and initi for particular OLS official

OLS inuo. only can give Intro's to the new prospective students during official OLS intro. scheduled

OLS in.ini officially can give OLS intro and Initi to the prospective students when officially scheduled

OLS student (statute)

onelightsystem OLS is a meditation teachings®© receiving(saving) direct with (seeing OLSM ®©) light energy modality developing (human Technology HT) and saving LM by Technique®© in OLSystem®© platform

The information contained in this message may be privileged , confidential and protected from disclosure. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of onelightsystem OLS information is strictly prohibited.

this Agreement governs your use of OLS's services, through with you can apply to receive OLS services and become OLS official student

OLS active

OLS student activity

Active , passive, past initiated, cancelation to deletion

OLS student becomes Passive after 9 days |no activity status|

  • to activate from passive [OLS official assessing passive service fees = student's OLS inuo's or in.ini 's or eae 's amount of OLSM x passive days]

OLS student becomes Past Initiated after 30 days being passive

  • to activate from past initiated [OLS official assessing OLS intro + initi service fees]

OLS student can cancel student account any time automatically becomes past initiated.

OLS student active

all OLS students to remain in active status must enter into OLS data center


during 9 days period to Perform 1 OLSM or to receive OLSLM in safe hours approved by your official and entered into OLS data center, if received OLSLM in not safe hours can be processed to the OLS student lightblockchain log. but not counts as activity for OLS )

1-30 OLSM

during 30 days period to perform 1 OLSM even if received OLSLM

OLSME not counts for new student activity statuses

deactivation request:

  • OLS student can deactivate or downgrade to OLSME anytime by submitting deactivation request

  • new OLS student when requested deactivation to (activate 0 fees when 1 deactivation once 1LY)

new OLS student and OLS student is defines accordingly by the timeline in OLS data center

OLS student category II becomes after completed active 1year cycle

OLS student can cancel OLS illumination account anytime automatically will be changed into Past-Initiated

After Canceled it can be deleted immediately or the data will be remain in OLS data center for 90 days after the notice for deletion will be created

OLS student (protocol)

onelightsystem OLS teachings®©

Receiving direct Light

1. OLS main Rule is SAFETY. The Sun energy is Very Powerful ! Be caution even in the safe hours recommendations you will receive from your OLS inuo | OLS in.ini. | OLS eae

101.Safety First

  • own responsibilities during direct Light you will receive during OLS intro and you can always receive direct support by submitting personal request after becoming OLS student from your OLS inuo. OLS in.ini and OLS eae

USING our Services:

This information is given strictly for educational purposes.In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professional.

Receiving Direct ®© Light OLS iee. aeo. OLS LM disclosure

  • Safety first (the OLS official is not responsible for any circumstances it could cause you even in the safe hours !

  • use your own determination and intuition how much direct Light you could receive.

  • when receiving direct Light the OLS student need to submit for OLS LM (light minutes) to the OLS data center ®©

  • AFTER prospect become the OLS student it has 18 days before to submit for OLS INITI upgrade as OLS inuo, in.ini , eae, to be able to be the selected by new prospects and to give OLS INTRO services with OLS INITI

Saving own Light OLSLM

- transparent validation Light minutes OLS LM into OLS data center

  • OLS student needs to provide Proof of Mine in a form of Live video recording with a statement of truthfulness pleasant Validation

or a statement of truthfulness acknowledgment before submitting to the OLS data®© center

OLS LM (light minute)

I am herby acknowledging truthfulness of my LightMinutes, my unique practice was completely pleasant and enjoyable to my all beingness (initials) ____


onelightsystem meditation practice OLSM1minute, OLSM2minute, OLSM3minute, OLSM4minute, OLSM

  • Seeing Light energy OLSM

- new INITI to qualify for the next level upgrade. INITI

  • OLS INITI ®© available exclusively ONLY from:

OLS in.ini , OLS eae

OLS student INTRO & INITI to OLS inuo (instructor)

  • OLS inuo

OLS inuo INTRO & INITI to OLS in.ini

  • OLS in.ini can facilitate OLS intro & initi

OLS in.ini INTRO & INITI to OLS eae (teacher)

  • OLS eae

  • OLS aste INTRO & INITI (graduate meditation master)

  • OLS aste eae INTRO + INITI (graduate meditation master teacher)

Science and Counseling

  • OLS iee.

  • OLS aeo

  • OLS iee.aeo

  • OLS amba

OLS student qualification for OLS inuo

OLS inuo. (official instructor), can give OLS intro to OLS prospective students and OLS initi with OLS in.ini assistance, can teach OLS student who applied through registration process and finish OLS initi

OLS inuo. minimum qualifications:

  • 60 days activity

  • 60 OLSLM or 10 OLSM

  • OLS intro service fees

  • OLS initi service fees

OLS intro & initi service fees is dedicated to the location GDP

OLS inuo qualification for OLS in.ini

OLS in.ini (official instructor & initiricto), can teach a student who applied through registration process, OLS in.ini can give OLS intro and OLS initi

OLS in.ini minimum qualifications:

  • 10 OLS intro's

  • 1 active OLS inuo

  • OLS intro service fees

  • OLS initi service fees

OLS intro & initi service fees is dedicated to the location GDP

OLS in.ini qualification for OLS eae

OLS eae. (official teacher), can teach an OLS inuo. , in.ini , be able to give OLS intro and initi to a prospective students, OLS inuo OLS in.ini who applied through registration process

OLS in.ini minimum qualifications:

  • 5 OLS initi's

  • 1 active OLS in.ini

  • OLS intro service fees

  • OLS initi service fees

OLS intro & initi service fees is dedicated to the location GDP

805.OLS iee.aeo. aste. eae