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ONELIGHTSYSTEM (OLS) later just as OLS (refers to onelightsystem OLS is OLS)OLS Copyrights/replications, OLS trademark, OLS Services Compliance and Agreements updates 10.2020OLS founder , CEO | OLS iee.aeo | OLS cto.web.admin Nazar Pankiv
onelightsystem OLS , LLC ownership rights®© 201823310487 & and all data associates with (onelightsystem OLS, OLS* _____) is owned and operated by

ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS , LLC. CA USA is a foundation Meditation Academy and official Teachings implementing and research by sub-division/departments and official affiliates

OLS iee.aeo (iense & aunselo)

scientific research analytics and consulting sub-division for onelightsystem OLS

onelightsystem OLS Meditation Academy statute.

onelightsystem OLS is a meditation teachings®© where student will learn how to properly meditate.

  • OLSLM receiving direct Light (active meditation)

  • OLSM seeing Light (meditation)

OLS student practicing onelightsystem OLS modality teachings develops

  • Receiving direct Light and saving your Light. (today is a light)

  • accumulating devopings Light body field. (OLS data center illumination progress)

  • processing Light Minutes OLSLM Technique®© in OLSystem®© data center platform

  • OLS data center centralized transparent blockchain

onelightsystem OLS (only at & wheres OLS_____ refers to the onelightsystem OLS ) see credentialing section.


OLS Terms and Conditions creating a contract between you and OLS (the "Agreement). Please Read the agreement carefully. To confirm your Understandings and acceptance of the OLS Agreement.

The information contained in this message may be privileged - confidential and protected from disclosure. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this information is strictly prohibited.

this Agreement governs your usag of OLS's services, through with you can apply to receive OLS services:

OLS student services

OLSME usage subscription

OLSLM assets management

OLS promoter affiliates commisions other OLS services

OLS Verification Levels


to new prospects updated registration new verification levels
[exception note: OLS students can go throgh verification during OLS intro schedduled ]
  • social Links

  • id selector

  • security text identity

the phone number only will be used for verification and purposes and Not will be shared to any other 3rd parties

OLS Assessment

After users Verified will have access to the OLS updates , OLSLM assets and Referral program (under development)

OLS student/prospect

OLS student will be able to know how to receive direct Light, saving own Light and Seeing Light energy

onelightsystem OLS tuition enrolment assesment service

prospective OLS student after registration and Assessment(evaluation)

will receive assessment Value to receive OLS intro + initi

service 1: OLS INTRO ®© available exclusively ONLY from:

  • OLS inuo , OLS in.ini , OLS eae , OLS aeo.

service 2: OLS INITI ®© available exclusively ONLY from:

  • OLS eae , OLS in.ini , OLS aeo .

prospective OLS student


  • new prospective student

  • and/or past re-intalment


  • OLS student

  • OLS inuo.

  • OLS in.ini

  • OLS eae.

  • OLS aste (OLS graduation)

  • OLS aste eae

onelightsystem OLS gives opportunity to qualify for initiation (initi) becoming official OLS iense (ience ) & OLS aeo (aunselo)

  • OLS iee.

  • OLS aeo

  • OLS iee.aeo

  • OLS amba

onelightsystem OLS ®© Credentialing

who has been received OLS* INTRO.and OLS* INITI. entitled to be called an an OLS*___________(student, inuo, in.ini , eae , iee, aeo. , iee.aeo. , amba. aste , eae aste ) ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS later just OLS referring to all ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS data `management plan` OLS data available @ OLS data center ONLY by ONELIGHTSYSTEM OLS. ( -- open public source/repository is (for viewing only and can be shared to the prospective ones, OLS student prohibits sharing OLS teachings until becomes OLS inuo. and will receive OLS prospect applicant for a new OLS intro and initi service)

OLSME user membership assessment

OLSME user will be able to use OLSM energy

OLSME subscribtion:

  • OLSME public verified user (signup fee based on assessment data: payment plans)

refund during first 9days available
  • OLSME corporate and governmental training fees

user data confidentiality provision plan

When submitting OLS application and being Register in any account at (applicant/prospect/user data remain confidential and will not be shared or trade to any other 3rd party. (ols data management provision plan)

OLSLM assets limited availability

ICO 1(a) secured inner assets trade offering

OLSLM assets account management

any OLS user can obtain availible OLSLM assets to:

  • buy and hold

  • hold and use

  • hold and trade

OLSLM assets value options:

  • OLS1-9LM (value categories trade transfer)

  • OLSLM asset encrypted secured Transfer Validation

  • < 10 OLSLM personalized inner equity selection OLSLM

  • <100 OLSLM light body field usage manual

OLSLM assets trade transfer

OLS services and fees:

  • OLSLM transferring transaction 5%

  • OLS referrals 5%, *if applies

  • OLS®©data center (inner assets management Light blockchain) annual fee


OLS Meditation Personal Illumination account(OLSMPIA) is a unique way to mine/receiving/process and storing your personal OLS IEF(inner equity formation)active OLS students can (receiving/minning/processing OLS Light Minutes into personal Illumination account (profile data open public standings)OLS LM Equity can be minded and harvest during #OLSMeditation developed technique process.OLSdata center ONLY by ONELIGHTSYSTEM (OLS) ( -- open public source (for viewing only)

OLS services

  • Ordering( "pulling Light to your Location") OLS ___ official to be present in your location for OLSM, OLSME or OLSLM practice ( submit inquiry)

  • Ticket to Haven over 72 years old prepare light body for the journey into heaven

OLS iee.aeo

Innovations ®© such as Light calendar, Light time is reserved by onelightsystem OLS as private privacy

onelightsystem OLS

OLS iee.aeo

1. onelightsystemOLS main Rule is SAFETY.

The Star energy is Very Powerful ! Be caution even in the safe hours you will receive from your OLS inuo. OLS in.ini OLS eae

  • the official OLS inuo , OLS in.ini. & OLS eae will provide to OLS student the safety time LH (Light Hour) and continuous support during active OLSPIA Illumination process, OLS student just follow given instructions , suggest recomendations until your complete graduation.

  • submit propositions (suggestions) and new INITI to qualify for the next level upgrade.

  • AFTER prospect become the OLS student it has 30 days before to submit for OLS INITI upgrade as OLS inuo, in.ini , eae, to be able to be the selected by new prospects and to give OLS INTRO services with OLS INITI

OLS data sharing and preservation policies

2. onelightsystem OLS student opportunities:

  • onelightsystem personal illumination account OLSPIA (OLS student to OLS master graduation)

  • onelightsystem OLS teachings: OLS inuo, OLS in.ini, OLS eae, OLS aste. eae

  • onelightsystem OLS undergraduate program OLS iee.aeo iense.aunselo (science and counseling)

3. USING our Services:

This information is given strictly for educational purposes.In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professional.

Safety first (the OLS official is not responsible for any circumstances it could cause you even in the safe hours use your own determination how much direct Light you need and follow your OLS official instructions for successful graduation

Active to passive, deactivation requests, past initiated, cancelation to deletion


1074.ols.iee.aeo updated

OLS Student inro and initi service's value based by San Francisco Bay land area GDP updates $300

3. OLS main values

  • transparency

  • open public source viewing

  • how to view an OLS database

since 1st date in the Lightchain. aka(blockchain)

ownership rights ®© and all data associates with (onelightsystem OLS, OLS* _____) is owned and operated by onelightsystem OLS ( LLC) California USA

1100.OLS iee.aeoOLS founder | CEO Nazar Pankiv