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OLS student General 2022 Fees tuition

OLS student 2022. OLS intro and initi

2022 update 1800.OLS iee.aeo

United states of the America: 2100 USD

Taiwan Taipei: 11000 TWD

Ukraine Kyiv: 4500 UAH (2022.04 -- 08)
( -
90% for Ukrainain citizen who lives in Kyiv (Ukrainian citizen will have an additional evaluation form to recieve active aid

new update1 valid from 1/1/22 to 5/1/22

Egypt Cairo: 1100 EGP , Mallawi 300, Asyut 600, Luxor 450, Aswan 150

1511 update

upcoming 2022/06 updates

  • the rest of the countries evaluation need it, for the accurate fees value. apply

  • current sanctions Russian federation citizen +700% of the evaluation value

  • OLS student OLS intro and initi service tuition fees are minimum base from the Founder and asteL2. eae asvitloaten (other OLS teachers and OLS instructors can increase the value evaluation will be available from intro@ols-med.net

  • after becoming OLS student you will receive free support from asvitloaten (depends on your teacher , instructo)

  • no annual admissions, one time OLS intro and initi

  • yearly groups refreshments , personal refreshments avalible only directly at the offical location, privately to scheddule on donation

  • live video meditation avalibilities to view LIVE (closed to public, only paid to view on odyssey)

*the value determining by the current conditions (Global activities and the amount of the active students)

** the current value based on General USA CA middle age individual apply for your free2022 personal assessment(evaluation) value by registering www.olsme.com/olssregister also you can qualify for the credits promo. after verification you will get the on-boarding email from intro@ols-med.net

OLS prospect student

  1. register for a free OLS student assessment (evaluation) www.olsme.com/olssregister

Generally anyone can apply (see other ages and parenthood.)

  1. when prospect verified and assessment value ready expect email from intro@ols-med.net

3. pre-payment

OLS intro service fees 50% payment

4. scheduling OLS intro
5. OLS intro call session
OLS prospect student

OLS prospect student on-boarding for 30 days until can qualify for OLS initi to complete process becoming OLS student

6. pre-payment
OLS initi service fees 50% payment

7. scheduling OLS initi

8.OLS initi session
9. OLS student

onelightsystem OLS

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