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OLS student 2023. OLS intro and initi tuition 1 year fee 

2023.12 update 2068.OLS iee.aeo

based** value ~ (General** Fees):

OLS intro and initi service tuition fees payment for 1st year being an OLS student

the rest of the countries evaluation need it, for the accurate fees value. apply
Pre-evaluated value 2022.07 update

2146 update   Clarifications q/a:

next upcoming update 2023/06

(General-Based or Current) value/fees:

*the value determining by the current conditions (Global activities and the amount of the active students) 

** the current/based/geberal value based on General USA CA middle age individual apply for your free2023 personal assessment(evaluation) value by registering www.olsme.com/olssregister also you can qualify for the credits promo. after verification you will get the on-boarding email from intro@ols-med.net

OLS student support:


next year Tuition Refreshment possible 0,10,20,30,40,50%**** OLS intro OLS initi (data analytics OLS iee.aeo)

OLS intro OLS initi tuition fees Discounts:

OLS prospect student

Generally anyone can apply (see other ages and parenthood.)

3. pre-payment

OLS intro service fees 50% payment

4. scheduling OLS intro
5. OLS intro call session
OLS prospect student

39th day path is goin away from 12/22/2022 it will be only 9 day period to complete your OLS intro OLS initi to become OLS student until than OLS student prospect if you did not complete your OLS intro and initi during 9 day period your application is going to be pending for the next 30 days and each day additional fees will be applied usually it is additional 1$ a day

www.olsme.com/olssregister                                                                                                    1512update

6. pre-payment
OLS initi service fees 50% payment

7. scheduling OLS initi 

8.OLS initi
9. OLS student 

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