1. register for a free OLS student assessment www.olsme.com/olssregister

Generally anyone can apply (see other ages and parenthood.)

  1. when prospect verified and assessment value ready expect email from intro@ols-med.net

3. next 50% Pre-payment:

OLS intro service fees 50% payment

4. scheduling OLS intro
5. OLS intro video call session
OLS prospect student

OLS prospect student on-boarding for 30 days until can qualify for OLS initi to complete process becoming OLS student

6. pre-payment
OLS initi service fees 50% payment

7. scheduling OLS initi

8.OLS initi session
9. OLS student

onelightsystem OLS

OLS student General 2021 Fees tuition

OLS student 2021 OLS intro and initi service tuition General fees:

1511 update
United states of the America: 1800 USD

Ukraine: 2100 UAH

  • the rest of the countries assement need it, for the accurate fees value. apply

  • current sanctions Russian federation citizen +700% of the assesment value

1511.onelightsystem OLS iee.aeo nazarasvitlo