onelightsystem OLS data `manage. plan` 06.2019


OLS iee.aeo


data archives `management plan`, provision, storing users data terms.

onelightsystem OLS ( later only here OLS refers to the onelightsystem OLS ) see credentialing

  • When submitting OLS account type (OLS student, OLSME, OLS LM) OLS intro Application (applicant data remain confidential and will not be trade to any other 3rd party. )

  • what Confidential personal Data only can be visible for public in onelightsystem OLS data center by user choice

  • Data mining (OLS student , OLS inuo , OLS inu.ini , OLS eae ) requiring optionally and periodically (see OLS intro. rules and regulations) to submit accurate data (OLS LM, OLSM, OLSME) into OLS data center

this submission remains confidential by each OLS user, the value calibration determinate OLS data center algorithms approved by OLS iee aeo

OLS Data policy sharing :

  • the OLS student can share data practice (picture can have the visual but prohibits Teaching description if unless happens the user can be banned, (penalty degree equals OLS intro value + calculations will be made by OLS iee.aeo and/or removed from the OLS

  • OLS student prohibits sharing OLS data teachings®© (as a form of description, voice memos, video's or verbally to anyone untill becomes OLS inuo.

OLS Data preservation:

  • All OLS data preserving on OLS data center is archiving annually beginning from 1 new Light Year and finishing ~ (365) 4/90

  • ALL OLS data past users archiving for the terms of 3 Light Years after the user will receive the email notification about to buy out the personal minded data or continue storing agreement by OLS iee.aeo

OLS data analytics and research:

  • All onelightsystem OLS data (analytics, researching and statistics made by OLS iense & aunselo)

OLS iee.aeo

Data analytics and research

Active OLS statistics IEF

OLS teacher

clearing the past shining the path